Inventory Description

Ownership: Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich.
Name of Record Group: ZI München/Photothek, Archiv Julius Böhler.
Quantity: 7,831 photo folders, 29,922 object index cards, 3,790 customer index cards.
Inclusive Dates: 1903–1993.
Acquisition: 2015.
Provenance: Florian Eitle-Böhler, Starnberg.

Archival Description:

1.) 7,831 photo folders with photographs taken by professional photographers (exact dates unknown, approx. 1903 to 1993). About one third of the photo archive documents the artworks traded by Böhler and contains a considerable number of original expert reports and appraisals.

2.) 29,922 object index cards, including 15,925 index cards (33,135 scans) of the Munich headquarters (M-System, 1903 to 1993), 8,401 index cards (16,496 scans) of Kunsthandel AG Lucerne, founded in 1919 by Julius Wilhelm Böhler and Fritz Steinmeyer (L-System, 1919 to 1975), and 5,596 index cards (11,890 scans) of the commission merchandise (K-System, 1920 to 1993). These card indexes document not only the objects (artists, titles, dimensions, techniques, materials, etc.) and the names of the persons and institutions involved (sellers, buyers, share-partners, etc.) but also contain references to trading activities, prices, provenances, restorations or secondary literature.

3.) Customer card index of 3,790 international collectors and dealers, museums and foundations. They often contain details of many transactions between the customers and the art dealer.

Processing Information: in progress since 2019 (WissKI database).
Access: only on demand.
Restrictions: the records might contain restrictions due to the right of personality.
Condition Information: good, but strong traces of use.

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