The release of the database on the transactions of the Julius Böhler's art gallery took place in May 2021, before the end of the project, while data entry was ongoing. In doing so, the project team at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte followed a recommendation made during an evaluation of the project in April 2021.

The early release goes hand in hand with an explicit request to the expert community to critically examine the functionalities and contents of the database. The project team hopes that the feedback will provide important suggestions for the further development of the project.

Therefore, we'd like to point out the current limitations in scope, functionality and possibly technical stability:

  • Initially, only approx. 1,500 records on the Munich transactions of the years 1903 to 1917 have been released, the recording of which has been completed.
  • The records do not yet have permalinks or DOI's for citation.
  • The transcriptions and links to standards records have not yet undergone final editing.
  • The displays in the entities do not currently allow for chronological order or list formats.
  • The archive's photo folders have not yet been digitized and will be integrated at a later date.
  • The publication of the database is based on http protocol at the moment, a conversion to HTTPS is planned.

We ask for your understanding for these momentary restrictions and inconveniences.